Seat selection, especially on long international flights, can make a big difference in how comfortable you are.

Imagine you’re packed into a middle seat in the back of an airliner, your armrests pressing on your neighbors’, and there’s a constant chorus of flushing sounds from the restroom nearby. You’re stuck in one of the worst plane seats, and you’re wondering how you got here and how you can avoid it happening again. Well, in this blog, you can find out which airplane seats are the worst so you should avoid them, and how to get a better seat on your next flight.

Where on a plane are the worst seats?

The worst seats are usually in the aircraft’s last row. There is a good chance that the seats there have limited recline.

Also, because you’ll be dealing with noises, odors, passengers queuing to use the restroom, and the flight crew opening and closing storage compartments while speaking, the closeness to the lavatory and galley will be irritating.

If at all possible, avoid the middle seats.

The middle seat is despised by all. However, given that airplanes are becoming larger, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid them; when Boeing launched their widebody 777 in the mid-1990s, for example, most of them contained nine seats in each row.

Most 777s now have ten seats, which means one additional middle seat to cram into, as well as narrower seats, making the journey even less enjoyable. The Boeing 767 (typically in a 2-3-2 layout) or the Airbus A330 are the planes to choose if you want fewer center seats (usually 2-4-2, although a few ultra-cheap airlines add an extra seat in each row).

Does all the exit row seats good?

Although most airlines currently charge for exit row seats, they provide more legroom. However, I avoid the seats one row in front of the exit row since their recline mechanisms are disabled so that they don’t block the emergency exits if passengers need to get off the plane quickly.

Additionally, if you’re the type that gets cold easily, avoid sitting near the doors or an emergency exit. If you, on the other hand, are usually overheated, these are excellent selections!

Check airline seat maps, but don’t rely on just one of them.

When it comes to seat maps, don’t just take the airline’s word for it, especially when it comes to the automatically created seat maps displayed during the ticket selection process. We found that the most accurate source of information is usually the airline’s website’s graphic seat maps. However, these don’t always display issues like missing or misaligned windows.

Third-party websites can be useful, but they typically fail to account for the fact that airlines frequently have several layouts for the same plane. Things like lavatories, galleys, and even the number of rows of seats might be placed differently on different planes. As a result, we recommend that you double-check the seat maps for “excellent” or “poor” seats using multiple sources.

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