Nowadays we are all international people who fly each year, somebody even fly daily. We all trying to catch a nap in the sky, wither it’s a short hop or a world spanning journey. 16-hour flight seems like a doomed, well not Snakes on the a Plane doomed, but with long hours distractions and hassles, it’s sucks. Not enough legroom, people climbing over you, noise from movies and crying babe and sunlight pouring in your neighbors window. Oh my god, it is really a nightmare.  If you’re curious about how to sleep like a baby in the clouds, these tips might be just the solutions for you.

1. Chose your flight wisely

The trick starts when you book your flight. Book a nonstop flight instead of the one you need to transfer in midway, and fly later in the evening, especially if you are flying west to east. It could help to keep in close sync with your sleep cycle. And if you could, pick some unpopular day to fly, for example Tuesday evening. It increase the odds that you could pick better seat (or possibly an entire row is yours).

2. Seat matters a lot

Your seat location could be one of the most important factors in how well—or how poorly—you sleep on a plane. Get a window seat so you can lean against a wall and keep your elbows far from rolling beverage carts. And you’ll also have some control over the window shade. Also try to choice a seat as far as possible from the serving areas and bathrooms.  Another area to avoid is the last row of the flight. Because there might be risk that the seat may not recline, and they are most likely located near the bathroom.

3. Comfortable clothes and free your feet

It is impossible to predict if it will be hot or cold in your flight, so better wear layers. And it is not wise to wear tight, since it can restrict your circulation. If you have long haul flight, consider get your pajamas, you could fall asleep easier in your comfortable clothes than a business suit.

Free your feet could be a controversial subject. Some people slip their shoes off immediately after boarding, but some people would not do that. But free your feet could keep your circulation flowing and sleep better. Just don’t forget to bring a slipper or wear a clean socks in the plan.

4. Bring the right sleeping gear

Blankets and pillows are available on board, if there are not in your seat, immediately ask the flight attendant for one. And many travelers bring their supportive neck pillow which is really help. And there are different type of travel pillow designed to fit different sleeping style, such as stomach sleepers, side sleeper or back sleepers. Pick one fit you the best.

5. Make sure you wont be disturbed

Instead of being awake the entire flight by games and movies, you could use headphones to listen some soothing music. For the best result, try use noise-cancelling headphones, they are not cheap but good investment for those frequent flyers looking to escape the engine noise and distractions. Also get yourself an eye mask. It will protect you from being disturbed by reading lights, sunlight and movie screen.

6. Get some sleep aids

They say “Don’t take candy from strangers”, but do “Take some sleeping meds when you have to travel for long periods of time.”. Over-the- counter options include Dramamine, it will also help if you have car sickness. And Melatonin, which is a hormone that can help with sleep and prevent jet lag. However do consider asking your doctor to get more advise, because some medicines such as Ambien could have side effects.

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