As travelers, we face the realities of COVID-19, it’s possible to feel a little down. And the idea of travel may look still a bit far away. But, also as travelers, we know how exciting it is to seize every opportunity to experience the world. We better preparing ourselves even just at home, so when the time comes again, we’re ready for our future amazing trip.

Here are some small suggestions on how to get ready for next trip from home:

Tip 1: Empower positive thinking

For sure this will end. We won’t be stuck at home forever. Being optimistic is fundamental to lead a life of satisfaction and happiness.  So use some of your time to organize for the future and imagine your ultimate vacation. Relaxing on a sunny beach or skiing in the fresh mountain air? Starting out on your own to a new city? A non-stop culinary quest with your loved one? Lay all your dreams out there and see what sticks.

Tip 2: Learn a language

Learning a language when the world is closed seems to be really great idea! So for your next trip, you would be able to communicate better with local people. For example, you could study a foreign language every day for an hour over breakfast or again later in the night, using books and online courses. It’s occupied yourself and it’s kept your brain going. When you really enjoy it, I think you will get so much satisfaction from it.

Tip 3: Get a new skill that could be related to travel

What could be a skill that could be related to travel? I am talking about for example photograph or video making. Do some research on those fields, so before your next trip, you could know which camera could be better, or you could know how to edit a picture or edit a small video. It will add much more fun and satisfaction if you could share better pictures with your family or post beautiful moments on your social media account. Once you get into it, maybe you could even start your own travel blog or travel vlog in the future!

Tip 4: Prep your budget and watch prices

For those whose livelihoods have been deeply affected by the pandemic, we understand the real-life anxieties that come with uncertainty. If you’re able, now’s a good time to use free apps that allow you to track monthly bills and spending. For example, cancel some unnecessary subscriptions, and start to save up. Meanwhile, keep watching for the up-to-date promotion from hotels and flights. There is no double that many travel suppliers will give pretty good discount right before the world travel is possible again.

Tip 5: Get inspired and decide your destination

Collecting inspiration for a travel destination is something that you can do months or, even years in advance. You could use this time to read travel articles from magazines or simply search online, collecting photos, and most importantly read our blog to get inspiration! Another fun way is to get information from well-travel friends. Invite them home for a coffee and asking about their experiences. If you don’t have such close friends, you can also get travel inspiration from travel bloggers. Read about the stories they tell of their adventures, look through the photos, and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you want to know more.

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