123FlyGift and 123HotelGift is an initiative of Incentive Europe. Our company is existing for more than 40 years and has various parts. Incentive Europe provides group and incentive trips to domestic and overseas destinations.

We are an official KLM agent and we have an IATA license.

We organize different large and small events. Like congresses, sales meetings, or seminars.  And we provide destination management services in European countries for a variety of foreign clients.


We also operate a platform for gifts and promotional items on the European market. Thousands of different items can be printed and delivered quickly.


123HotelGift, 123FlyGift could meet your idea of being able to give a personal yet flexible gift for everybody. The recipient has maximum freedom to choose from endless hotels or flights. And there are several ways to hand over your gift: In person, by email, or by post.

By Email
Are you in a hurry? You can arrange it in a few minutes. After payment, you will receive immediately the printable PDF Giftcard. You can decide to print it or forward it directly to your beneficiary.

By Post

Our great Giftcards and Giftboxes are available for this. As sent by regular post is will take few days to arrive.

To book

The recipient will be very happy to receive your 123Hotel or 123Flygift. And it is very simple to book any hotel or flight. With maximum freedom to choose any local or international location. A booking can be made quickly on our site. Customer service is available.